Sunday, November 20, 2011

Date Night!

I have been dreading today for a while... it's the start of my husband being gone for 3 1/2 days. Of course, that's a common occurrence when you're married to a firefighter; just not so fun at 39 weeks pregnant! It didn't start out so great, either... bad dreams for my 4-year-old kept me up from midnight until 3:30am this morning. To top it off, today was gloomy and rainy. And, the girls have colds, so I couldn't even escape to church!

Good thing God is bigger than my circumstances! I was reminded last night to take one day at a time, rather than looking at the 3 1/2 days. I was also reminded to count each day a blessing (Psalm 118:24) And, today really was not so bad at all! We had a few hours of overcast before the rain came, and had a great time at the park. We were the only ones there, which always makes me wonder, "Where is everybody?"

Despite being overly tired, the girls were very good and the day went by fairly quick. They had fun flying their new gliders from their cousins' birthday party yesterday from the top of the stairs down, as well as playing with Triscuit on his new pillow we bought him on our date last night. I couldn't believe what a good dog he was; he just let them cover him in blankets, put on a dinosaur mask from the birthday party, and jump all over him. I guess wearing him out at the park was as important as wearing the girls out!

Yes, we bought the pillow on our date night last night. I just love cozy date nights... and yesterday was super cozy! We got coffee, walked through model homes, went to a creperie for dinner, and then did some Christmas shopping while bundled -up and holding hands. We came home to 3 sleeping girls, and our sweetest friends asking why we were back so soon!

Things will change soon; in just a week, in fact! I am so thankful for these times of refreshing. The next year I will have a little one attached to me once again. Or, perhaps, this will be the first baby to allow me to pump a bottle?!?!? Either way, I am exited for the change, as I know time goes by all too quickly and I will soon have time to myself again. For now, I am anxious to meet my little man; but I will do my best to cherish each day before he gets here; (Including the next 2 1/2 when my husband is gone!)

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