Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

It's only 3 days past Halloween, yet it feels like forever ago, already! As always, we celebrated with some fun new foods and activities, as well as old traditions. This year I couldn't pass-up the box of "Count Chocula" at Target; (mostly because I always wanted to try it when I was a kid, and never did!)

We did a Halloween version of school, including a devotion on Isaiah 46:10 reassuring the girls to "Fear not, For I am with you..." It was a good reminder during some of the spookier houses we came across that night!

We also had fall sudoku, and a new game: "m&m math." It was suppose to be a candy corn game, but Natalie doesn't like candy corn.

I found the game on Pinterest. Basically, it is a very simple game. You roll 2 dice, add up the numbers, and eat the corresponding m&m. I added an extra step of making the girls write-out their problem on a white board.

One activity that I was really looking forward to was the pumpkin flip book; also an activity I found on Pinterest. My girls' reaction?? "This is ok... not so fun." Huh? Funny how these things work out sometimes!

For lunch, I made goofy pumpkin faces. Deviled egg eyes, ham and cheese crescent roll noses, and apple, peanut butter, marshmallow mouths. We also made some guacamole for our orange and black chips. I'm happy to report lunch was a hit!

Dinner was our traditional sloppy joes before hitting the neighborhood. (The girls informed me that they no longer like orange jello, so if anyone wants I have a whole thing in my fridge!) We got kind of a late start, but were still some of the first to hit our block!

Here are our dressed-up girls:

Of course, Sierra makes the perfect lion with her natural mane. Natalie was a beautiful butterfly! And, I was SO proud of Allison for making-up her own costume. I didn't help her one bit. She was an "old-fashioned girl," and very proud of her original self!

Sierra loved going to the doors, and often stood there for a while. She was so funny! I think this will be a favorite time of year for her.

Lots of walking. Lots of fun treats. Way too many fun treats, really. Until next year, Halloween!

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