Monday, November 7, 2011

Full Term

I made it! Today I am 37 weeks pregnant; technically "full term." It is always such a relief to hit this point. The other night I was laying in bed, wide awake at 4:00am, and feeling my little guy win his boxing/ kicking match. I wanted to be asleep, but I couldn't help but smile. This last time of being pregnant, I want to cherish every moment!

That being said, I really am wondering how I will function when I'm already so tired and the baby isn't even here, yet! I remember before Sierra came thinking that things were starting to get "easy..." and then it all changed! Lately things have started to feel "easy," again. And, I am so thankful! Turning two seemed to be like magic for Sierra, and suddenly our communication has improved a ton!

The best part is watching my 3 girls play together. It is just too sweet for words for me as their mom. I have lots of pictures... and I plan to work my hardest to get them up on the blog; not for you, (though I love and appreciate you!), but for this:

Even Sierra now requests to "See blog." They love it. It is their scrapbook. And, hopefully one day, it will inspire them with recipes and games and activities to do with their kids!

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our delightful life...the story of us said...

i love it and i can't wait to see your little guy. i blog to have a scrapbook of the kids lives!

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