Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The "Pokey Thing"

I am once again on a quest for age-appropriate activities for Sierra; (mostly to keep her busy while we homeschool.) I came across a website on pinterest that suggested letting 2-year-olds stick toothpicks into a salt shaker. Being that I don't have an empty salt shaker, nor one the appropriate size, we decided to improvise.

The big girls and I finished off the chai tea, (using our special "Alice in Wonderland" tea set), and then created our container.

Sierra loved it, and kept asking to play with the "pokey thing." The big girls surprisingly had fun as well, and begged to decorate the can once Sierra went for her nap.

It was Allison's idea to glue beads around the holes, and I thought it was brilliant...

... Unfortunately, Sierra thought it was fun to pull the beads off, throw them on the floor, and then play with it again. **sigh** Well, it was almost perfect!

Another activity that has recently intrigued Sierra has been "drawing," so I taped a long piece of paper to the ground, (like I used to do for Allison and Natalie), and had them draw things they're thankful for.

And, play dough can last anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes depending on whether I will play along with Sierra!

Not pictured, but another thing Sierra loves doing is stacking and unstacking our bathroom little Dixie cups.

And, last but not least... the girls have really gotten into playing the Cranium game, "Hullabaloo."

They can play it over, and over, and over, and...

Well, with 3 days of rain coming this weekend, I hope some of these ideas are helpful for you and your 2-year-old! I was quite excited to find them successful; at least for us!

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