Monday, November 14, 2011

The Kids Bathroom

Slowly but surely our house is turning into a cozy home. Of course, by that I mean we are putting our creative touches on it. I hope to show you all the rooms, soon! You caught a little glimpse of Sierra's big girl room the other day. Today I'll share our kids bathroom...

I love the double sinks and long counter space! We also have lots of drawers, which Sierra LOVES to destroy, (as evidenced above!)

I went for a bold turquoise for fun, and once again gave them hooks in hopes that towels actually end up off the floor. (It's still a battle to get them to hang their towels, but at least they can -- I'm not a fan of towel bars!)

In addition to hooks for their towels, they each have an additional hook for their swimsuits.

My favorite part was the addition of the girls' artwork. They are so proud, and it adds such a personal touch! Of course, I can't say for sure we are finished... I need to add Yehbie's initial. We do indeed have a name picked out, which is such a relief! Other than that, it is probably our "most finished" room.

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Karen Hyde said...

Ooooo! A name! Can't wait to find out what it is! :)

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