Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Oh, we have SO much to be thankful for. My heart is still bursting with joy as I think about all the Lord has done for me. We live a blessed life! And, yesterday we enjoyed celebrating with our family. What a wonderful feeling it was to wake-up knowing my husband would be home for a month, my parents and Daniel's parents were on their way, the house would soon be filled with wonderful smells of cooking, and our girls were bursting with excitement!

Our first task was to work on pies, as well as homemade butter! Natalie was so excited to do the pumpkin pie, so I recruited Allison to help me make butter. It is the simplest think ever... yet so fun! You fill a jar 1/3 full of heavy whipping cream, add a marble or bead and a shake of salt, and then shake until you can no longer hear the bead. Allison and I also came up with a game we called the "Pilgrim butter roll," once our arms tired of all the shaking!

It's like magic! You open the jar, and you have yummy butter! I found the recipe and cute labels from "A Lemon Squeezy;" You can find them here.

Grandma and Grandpa were the first to arrive at noon, and the girls were all smiles!

Sierra wanted to enjoy the pie-making experience as well, and bullied her way onto the chairs to help. Her big sisters were very kind and patient with her! Allison worked on the berry pie, and Natalie was the helper with the pumpkin pie.

Both pies turned out incredible!

The girls thought it would be fun to wear Indian vests... Allison didn't even decorate hers, and Natalie glued on 3 feathers. I found them quite humorous!

We enjoyed our very first fire in our fireplace. (Does it get any cozier than that?)

The dogs were all about begging. Poor guys had to smell the yummy food all day!

Sierra was quite content in her new boots from Grandma!

For our 3rd year in a row, we enjoyed a delicious smoked turkey from Lucille's. But, that doesn't mean Daniel didn't slave all day in the kitchen working on the pies, the sides, and a wonderful salmon dish!

Even now as I type this and look at all the pictures, I can't help but feel so thankful and overwhelmed. My girls just love their family. We are blessed with health, good food, a beautiful home, and a God who meets all our needs and then some!

Despite being overly tired, Sierra was so happy and stayed up late playing with her cousins and grandparents!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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