Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Pictures

We planned to have our friend take Christmas pictures for us last weekend, but unfortunately her family got the flu! We tried calling other friends, but we had no luck. Finally, we decided just to use our tripod.

It was Sierra's nap time.
There were "prickly things" all over the ground and our big girls were wearing sandals.
The dog loved to run into the picture, but would not sit still or look at the camera... just to set the scene!

Truly, the setting was perfect, but the circumstances not-so-much. Out of 100 shots, I found 1 picture that was ok as a family picture. We used it. I'll post it on Christmas. For now, here are some of the kiddos:

Well, at least they're done! And, I still haven't finished getting them out... tomorrow!

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Shannon Cecil said...

You should have called me!

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