Friday, December 16, 2011

Egg Rolls

So it begins... the 5th birthday celebration for Natalie! We have lots planned for this weekend, beginning with our Family Fun Friday. Lately, every time we go out, Natalie orders egg rolls. Tonight, Daniel decided to show her how to make them!

I just love how Daniel takes the time to show and teach his daughters everything. They have no idea how blessed they are!

Once upon a time, before having kids, Daniel and I spent an evening making egg rolls as Christmas gifts for friends. This brings back fond memories!

The egg rolls were a huge hit with everybody! Natalie claimed them as her favorite. They also made some cream cheese won tons that the girls loved. (Who doesn't like those?!?!) We will have to do this again, soon!

1 comment:

Karen Hyde said...

What a fun birthday/family night dinner! I love me some egg rolls... might have to have Daniel teach me how to make them. ;)

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