Monday, December 12, 2011

Going Solo

I survived! 28 hours on my own with my 4 little munchkins... Of course, we didn't go anywhere or do anything special. And, my sweet friend Karen brought us dinner. And, my precious Malachi slept most of the time! And, my aunt came to visit. So, it was a fairly easy day... but I'm still happy to have my hubby home again for 2 more weeks!

Our favorite activity of the day was making coffee filter snowflakes, as demonstrated by my little ninja below:

There's just something magical and timeless about making snowflakes. Every snowflake was filled with anticipation and excitement as we prepared to open it up. It was so fun to see how much my girls enjoyed it! Then came the clean-up...

Of course, this is only a small picture of the mess we made... but it was worth it! I wanted to stay-up last night and blog a little more about our day -- but, I also wanted to clean-up for my husband coming home. The night before he left he stayed-up late making sure the kitchen was clean for me, the garbage was taken out, and I was all set for my solo day. He is the best! So, I made the right choice; I cleaned instead of blogging.

I probably did too well cleaning-up; I need to pretend I am still suffering a bit so I can get away with lounging around a few days longer. :)

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