Saturday, December 17, 2011

Natalie's 5th Birthday Tea

Natalie's birthday celebration, part 2: A trip to Barbara's tea house for a special mother-daughter date. Natalie has been looking forward to this day since Allison turned 5 and had her special tea. I prayed that it would be as special as Natalie had pictured it, and I believe it was!

Being that it was the Saturday before Christmas, you can imagine it was quite packed. But, there was a special little table set aside for just Natalie and me. It was the perfect setting!

Natalie was in awe of the food before us, and the gorgeous "fancy" setting around us. I noticed she spoke with such manners; then she pointed out she was being polite because that's what you're suppose to be like at tea. (If only every occasion caused the same thing.)

Natalie is my slow eater. However, she had no problem eating quickly this day. (Murphy's Law... or perhaps it was the yummy food!) At least quickly for her was about "normal" for me!

Part of the reason she ate quickly was she was so excited to go look around and try on hats and boas and look at all the pretty, fancy things!

When we were finished, sisters came to pick us up.

Allison enjoyed finishing the cucumber sandwiches and tea. We chose raspberry coconut creme and tiramisu teas. They were both incredible! Natalie picked the raspberry coconut creme to buy and take home.

True story: sit on the bench next to Alison while I tell you...

When we first arrived, I walked in with Natalie and my diaper bag. I set the bag down, then exclaimed, "Natalie -- I forgot Malachi!" I had left him in the car with Daniel and the other girls. My heart sank. Of course, I knew he was safe -- and it was only for an hour and a half. But, still; how could I forget my baby? I felt horrible. I didn't bring my phone, and Daniel didn't return until it was time to pick us up. Malachi had slept the whole time. All was well.

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