Monday, December 19, 2011

Natalie Turns 5!

Even though we had a big birthday party the day before her birthday, we tried to make Natalie's actual birthday a special day, too, by giving her a choice of what she wanted to do. I slept-in with Malachi, but my hubby was on top of things making her a special pancake breakfast...

(... There was a special breakfast waiting for me when I woke-up, too!)

After breakfast, we opened family presents. Once again, Natalie was spoiled with lots of fun gifts from Grandma! She was also very excited about her gift from Mom and Dad... a new bike!

One of Natalie's favorite dinners is Panera soup and bread. Ironically, a sweet friend signed up to bring us just that for dinner that night! (She even spoiled us with bagels and honey walnut cream cheese for breakfast the next morning!)

That evening BOTH big girls had a gift to open... new pajamas for their special sleepover. As I mentioned earlier, we gave Natalie the choice of many fun things to do for her birthday. She wanted just one thing; a sleepover with her sister! Daniel took the girls to the library ahead of time to pick out a movie.

Natalie chose "The Princess Stallion." They were also allowed to pick a dessert to bring upstairs. Both girls chose a lollipop!

I stayed just long enough to take a few pictures, then headed downstairs to clean-up the kitchen. For their first sleepover, the girls did great! They talked just a bit, and then fell fast alseep. I believe we have reached a new level of maturity where the girls are finally good sleepers... ooh I hope so!

Happy birthday, my sweet Natalie. I am so proud of you!

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