Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In search of snow...

Natalie's birthday celebration, day 5: Searching for snow!

Ok, this is the final birthday celebration for Natalie... I promise! Really, this was just fun for the entire family, but it was inspired by Natalie. If you recall, we went to the beach and stayed at the Ritz Carlton for part of Allison's 5th birthday. (I had won a free overnight stay at a raffle through my husband's work!) Ever since then, Natalie has wanted to go to the mountains for her 5th birthday since her birthday is in winter. So, that's what we did! First, the girls helped us get out our Christmas letters... then we searched for winter clothes, (which was no simple task; the girls have grown!) Finally, we were off...

Once again, lollipops saved the day keeping them happy on our short commute, and lasting through the ice snow adventure!

We usually head to Wrightwood, but decided to try Mt. Baldy this time. It is literally a 25 minute drive from our house; can't beat that!

Daniel and the big girls spent much of the time hiking up the steep ice and rocks. Meanwhile, Malachi was in the bjorn, and Sierra and I hiked down the not-as-steep rock and ice path. We sang songs together as we held hands, looked at pinecones, sat on logs, and she loved dipping her lollipop in snow. I loved it!

Aaaah, the joys of being a 2-year-old.

Can you spot Sierra in the picture below?

Once again, happy birthday Natalie... until next year!

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