Monday, January 2, 2012

Blah, blah, blah...

Confession: I still don't want to go back and blog Christmas. Bah humbug! But, I will... it is a resolution!

I wanted to come-up with some awesome resolutions. I have a few, but nothing written down. Instead, I read my friend Melissa's awesome list and decided I would go back to it if I needed inspiration!

One goal for the New Year was to move Sierra to a big girl bed. You may remember we failed miserably once. Today is January 2, and we are well on our way. I couldn't be more proud! Next it's on to potty training. Joy. ** read sarcastically! **

My mom is still here... which is such a blessing! Today we began school again, and it went incredibly well. I am blessed with the 2 smartest, sweetest students in the world. (Excuse the bragging, but that is my heart today!) And since Malachi chose to sleep and Sierra played happily upstairs with Grandma, it was an awesome day! Oh, if only every day were such...

Because school went well and the kids slept well, I was actually able to work on a project once dinner was prepped! Before:

Well, I didn't get too far. Look who decided to help:

Still, I started. Now I have to finish, right?

I am still madly in love with my other man. He slept all day today. I was so happy watching him sleep in my arms, it took me over an hour to put him in his crib! Praying he sleeps tonight... I am also madly in love with his sisters!!

I have no idea how to decorate the built-ins in my family room. I love them. They are beautiful. But right now they are empty. I don't like clutter... yet they are bare shelves calling for something. I need help. Perhaps I need to just be patient.

It's 2012. How did that happen? I am just thrilled at the prospect of a new year and a fresh start. Here I am just rambling... but I plan to write some things down, too. I really will. God is tugging at my heart, and I am ready to listen. I need Him!

If you made it this far, congratulations and thanks for listening to me ramble. I am beat. I need to find my blogging groove, again!

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