Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas morning started out as it always does with little ones... full of magic and excitement as they run to their stockings to find what Santa Claus brought. Allison and Natalie were thrilled with their new scented gel pens and journals; they got right to "work." Sierra was equally excited about her watercolors. It didn't seem to bother her that the other girls got a lot more "stuffers" in their stockings. (Not sure that will be the case next year when she's three!)

Daniel came home from work, and we enjoyed our traditional Christmas Eve breakfast a day late. Its one of Daniel's favorites, so we had to wait for him! The casserole is basically sourdough, sausage, eggs, milk, and a truckload of cheese. It might as well be called heart attack casserole. There is a reason we only make it once a year!

After breakfast, Daniel's parents came to visit bearing gifts. They didn't stay too long, but long enough for sweet cuddles from Malachi and sweet kisses from Sierra!

Just look at all these presents. Where are we going to put them all?

The big girls got to work passing out gifts...

Who gave SIERRA a hairbrush???

Natalie and Allison gave each other a very special gift they had been wanting for a long time: best friend lockets.

Another special gift had a lot of love and time poured out into it. Look at this amazing vanity my mom hand-painted for the girls:

Isn't that amazing? And, the special gifts didn't stop there. My sweet husband got me something that totally shocked me and I will treasure forever. He designed and had his firefighter partner hand build the most amazing jewelry box. Check it out:

I know, I know... I need some better pictures of it. I also need some pictures of the gorgeous necklace he gave me. I figure you will see me wearing it in most of my pictures from now on!

Sierra is SO into rocking horses, we just had to get her one. This particular one Daniel picked out, and it sings. Be glad you can't hear "I'm a pretty pony... clippity clop, clippity clop." You can't get it out of your head!

We ended the day with a lovely dinner of beef tenderloin. Unfortunately, Allison wasn't able to enjoy it as she came down with the flu in the afternoon. Natalie followed her footsteps and was throwing-up by 10:00pm. It was a violent, nasty flu, but was short-lived. Poor Uncle Nate got it 2 days later. The rest of us were spared! Overall, it was a very fun and special Christmas with our newest little addition.
See! I told you I would blog Christmas. :)

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