Monday, January 23, 2012

Decorating for Valentine's Day

I was thinking about it today... In a span of 107 days, from Oct. 31 - Feb. 14, our family celebrates 4 holidays, (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day), 4 birthdays, (Sierra, Malachi, Natalie, me), 2 New Years' (Gregorian and Lunar), and 1 anniversary, (Daniel and mine). And, that's just our immediate family! No wonder I've been feeling so busy!

But, I love each new celebration as it comes! And, I especially love all the red and white of Valentine's Day. The girls and I had fun pulling down the bins of Valentine decor and getting started on the decorating. I am so happy I made an extra mailbag for the back of Malachi's chair last year... I just need to add the "M."

The girls found exactly 3 leftover heart lollipops. How could I say no to those faces? They got right to work coloring with our heart crayons and stamping with our heart stamps, which left me to decorate the house. We now have 3 weeks to write fun notes to each other and stick them in our mailbags!

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our delightful life said...

i love all the decoration!

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