Friday, January 27, 2012

My Two-Year-Old

Can I freeze time? I've decided that the cuteness that is a two-year-old officially outweighs the naughtiness. (And that's saying a lot, as I just cleaned-up blueberry juice from all over our carpeted staircase!)

Seriously, the things this girl says absolutely crack me up! Here's just one conversation from today:

S: "Mommy, Bert and Ernie Sing-along?"
Me: "You want to watch 'Bert and Ernie Sing-along,' Sierra?"
S: "That's a perfect idea, Mommy!"

Then there's the songs. This girl loves to sing. She watches Shirley Temple and Julie Andrews on You-Tube every day! Nap time I turn-up the volume on the monitor and get a free concert for an hour before she falls asleep. I love it!

I also love the monitor for the funny things Sierra says. Today the Santa Ana winds are howling. First thing this morning, I hear Sierra scolding the trees. "No, no trees... no more doing that. Wind, stop talking!" That's an exact quote. I walked in and she had the blinds pulled back as she was saying this. Too cute.

And, finally there are the prayers. As always, when you try to capture one with the video camera it's not quite as long and cute.. but here is what she had to say at lunch yesterday:

Please remind me of this post next time I am ready to pull my hair out cleaning-up after this 2-year-old tornado!

1 comment:

Darcy said...

She is adorable! I love the wind comments. lol. SO CUTE.

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