Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dentist time for the girls

Boy, dentist offices have come a long way since I was a kid! Granted, we took the girls to see a pediatric dentist. My favorite part... PacMan and dozens of other retro games in the waiting room! Our motive for finally going was Natalie who seems to have bumped her mouth and chipped a tooth. But, we discovered Allison had some plaque build-up and the possible start of a cavity, so it was definitely time!

How did they do? Allison did great! She loved it! Sat like an angel through x-rays, the cleaning, and check-up. And Natalie? Poor girl had a rough go of it. We were lucky to finally get one decent x-ray. Maybe next time!

Side note: I went to the dentist, as well, and Daniel decided to take the girls and come along just so they could play video games. What a fun daddy!

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