Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Ok, so I've been a little obsessed with these collages and effects from Picnik... but they're so much fun! (Allison likes playing with them, too!) Anyway, it was 79 degrees today! I actually got my first burn! We spent the entire day outdoors, and couldn't have enjoyed it more.

Daniel worked hard on the front yard, planting marigolds, trimming bushes, and laying new bark. I worked in the backyard weeding, weeding, and then weeding! What a great feeling when it's done! (Or is weeding like laundry... NEVER DONE!???)

Anyway, I think the girls had it best... riding bikes, blowing bubbles, playing in the sandbox, and having a pizza picnic! Oh, and they played with the leftover 'snow' from Natalie's birthday. (We are now officially out of snow!)

Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day. So, we will finish up the garage and side yard, and be set. Woohoo!
(Oh, and do more laundry... of course!)

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