Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Only in So Cal!

Today was another preschool field trip day, which was suppose to be to the tidepools. (Apparently January and February are the best months to go!) However, we woke up to this...

...gorgeous blue skies and white mountains. So, what did we do? We decided to head up to the mountains, instead! What an awesome decision that was! First, we met at Starbucks for some hot chocolate. Forty minutes later, we were climbing our mini hill, sledding down, and pouncing through the snow.

I think Triscuit had the best time! He ran so hard, and chased us up and down, as well as chasing several thrown snowballs. Lucky dog!

Here is our fun little spot! Much to my dismay, my camera battery died right after this shot was taken, so you don't get to see our snow turtle sculpture, snow angels, and rides down the hill as well as other adorable snow kid shots... maybe next time!

And, look what my sweet friend brought for dessert... some birthday brownies! (They are YUMMY!)

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