Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Claremont Tuesday and a New...

Camera! Yes, we got a new camera. A Cannon T2I (SLR).... oh my goodness! It is SO fun! But, it is actually making blogging harder! Today I had 489 pictures to sort through to bring you this post. No, that's not a typo... 489!!!

And, did I mention I don't have time to sort through 489 pictures? Halloween is Sunday! Sierra turns one in a week from today! And, the Holiday madness is beginning. But, alas life will always be busy... so here I am blogging.

Today was Daniel's first time joining us in Claremont for cooking class. I blame him for most of the pictures! Honestly, I love how excited he is, and how much he loves taking pictures of his girls. He is developing quite the artistic eye! And, of course, I loved having him with us.

Check out this next picture... I LOVE the ability to blur out the background! (BTW, Daniel took it!) Fun, fun, fun!

Today Natalie joined in on the fun. She didn't want to miss out on making haunted house cupcakes and homemade mango lemonade! (Can you blame her?)

It smelled SO yummy in there!

And, just for fun, here is a conversation I had with Allison today:
ALLISON: "I LOVE homeschool. I love that we get to do cooking, and play as a family, and..."
ME: "So, do you think you are going to homeschool your kids?"
ALLISON: "YE--uuuh... no."
ME: "REALLY?!!?!?!? Why not?"
ALLISON: "I want to send them to school so I have time to clean, and make a good dinner, and then maybe have a little time to myself to take a nap."

Huh? Are you kidding me? This from a girl who hates to clean... and hates naps even more! I had to laugh! I'm just so happy she likes homeschool :)

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