Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween School

The girls were so excited about school today! First thing, we got them in their costumes. Since grandma isn't coming until tomorrow, and she is bringing Natalie's costume, we borrowed a mermaid from some good friends. Unfortunately, Natalie didn't feel "beautiful enough." Hence, the tears...

We attempted to make jack-o-lantern shaped chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, (say that ten times in a row), but somehow they didn't turn-out. There were no jack-o-lantern faces, I should say... they tasted awesome, though!

Our school work was all pretty fun, too. The first 3 activities came from classroom jr. They did a pattern recognition worksheet, math worksheet, and their first ever "Mad-libs." Let me tell you, mad-libs are great fun for 3 and 5 year olds, alike. It's pretty easy for them to figure out what a noun and verb are, and everything else were things they were already familiar with such as color or holiday. The best part was how hard Allison laughed. She thought they were SO funny!

I wish I could remember where I found the Halloween Sudoku. It was pretty easy for Allison, and there was a more difficult one but I didn't print it because I didn't think I'd need to. Oh well... I'm sure you could google Halloween Sudoku and find it, or another one!

The girls each chose 4 of their favorite Halloween items and drew pictures. This one was Natalie's!

I found these adorable lined papers from A Little Hut, and had Allison copy pages from a Halloween book of her choice.

And now... for the best activity, EVER... I found these Halloween dolls from babalisme. The girls played with them for probably 1 1/2 hours, and only stopped because it was past lunch time. They named them Ashley and Abigail, and pretended they were twins. We will definitely be doing more paper doll play in the future!

For our last activity, we went outside for a change of scenery. This was the only flop of the day. I got this idea from Family Fun, and it's called "Witches Stew." I printed and cut up these
Halloween 'stickers' from The Swell Life. The girls used a straw to suck them up put them in the stew. Whoever could get the most in was the winner... except they couldn't do it! I was shocked. These are the same girls that started on straws at 8 months old, and never used bottles or sippy cups?!?? I guess this will just have to be for next year...

Hope this gave you some inspiration for your Halloween weekend!


Lorie said...

What a fun day! We love those Halloween paper dolls too! I never could get the little boy version to print for me though, but that is okay, my 9 year old son wasn't really interested! ;D

Karen Hyde said...

Looks like an amazingly fun day!

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