Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Rainy Day!

This gorgeous rainbow is actually a picture from last Thursday when it was super hot, but "thunderstormy." It appeared as we were driving home from soccer practice, and it was spectacular; a full arc, and a double rainbow! I would have had a better icture, had we not decided to stop at the park and lay on the grass and stare at it. By the time we got home and got to the camera, it was already fading.

Anyway, this picture might as well have been taken today. It was the most wonderful rainy day; the first chilly rainy day of the season!

I decided to go with hot apple cider instead of coffee, since we still had a little left from our trip to Oak Glen last week. (Without the cafeine, I tool a 90 minute nap this afternoon... ahhh!)

The girls indulged in their first hot chocolate of the season! Hot chocolate and popcorn.. yummy!

No need for the sun with these big gorgeous sunflowers from my friend!

And, I made a last-minute change in the menu and decided to go with a big pot of soup for dinner. Hope you had a glorious fall day, too!

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