Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween! I think this was the coolest Halloween we've had since I've lived in So. Cal -- a perfect 71 degrees with beautiful blue skies! We kicked off our day with ghost pancakes; (thanks for the awesome idea, Karen!) and a pumpkin spice latte for me! I found this recipe on Kathie's Kreations and have been dying to try it. It was awesome! I'll be recreating it until I run out of pumpkin! You can get it here.

Right after breakfast the girls wanted to go to the window to wait for Grandma and Grandpa who had left for their 400 mile journey just a few minutes earlier. Hmmm... time to find something to occupy them! First up -- printable Halloween coloring pages!

I brought a meal to a friend last night, and came home with a bunch of costumes. I was suppose to bless her, but was blessed in return! The girls spent a good chunk of the morning, (and the rest of the day for that matter), dressing up, getting naked, repeat!

For lunch we had mini mummies, and for dessert Halloween Oreos and rice crispy treats with candy corn in them. We were in the middle of lunch when guess-who-arrived! Hooray! G and G were finally here!

That afternoon Grandma helped us carve pumpkins. I was so proud of Allison who spent a lot of time cleaning out the guts!

Of course, we had to roast the seeds. YUUUUM!

Natalie looks a little spooked here! Here she is making some orange jello! Since we don't have a lot of traditional meals, (We just had our first turkey this past Thanksgiving!), I am proud to say we had our 6th annual traditional Halloween dinner: sloppy joe's and pumpkin-shaped orange jello.

Somehow Grandma helping out makes dinner go by a lot smoother!

Lipstick for the little princess...

Our Hello Kitty pumpkin!

And, here they are!!!

The cutest piggy EVER!
A beautiful Dorothy...
And a very happy and adorable Snow White!

We just went around the block with our dear neighbors, again. It's about all the kids can handle, and they did great!

The sweet babes!

The first house!

And, the last house... The girls are always blessed with an awesome special gift from our sweet neighbors J and M. This year they got entire bags filled with card games, play doh, pez, straws, and candy. A perfect ending to a fun day!

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