Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

What a gorgeous day! We got off to a late start, as Daniel and I took turns sleeping-in this morning, but that felt great! Even though we didn't arrive at the pumpkin patch until 11:30am, it was still overcast and cool.

The first thing we did was the corn maze. Daniel and I hadn't done a corn maze since the day of our first kiss! The girls were so excited, as they had just seen an episode where Mickey Mouse went through a corn maze that morning! (Daniel and I had fun pretending we were on the Amazing Race!) After a while of not finding the special punches that awarded you gold and black necklaces, Natalie decided she needed a break. Allison and Daniel continued on to find all 4 punches themselves!

Lovely necklaces, girls!

Normally, the tractor ride is only for the weekends, but since there was a school group, we were allowed to tag-along!

The tractor ride dropped us off right inside the petting zoo...

Daniel thought this little goat would make a good walker for Sierra who isn't walking, yet. I'm not so sure she thought so!

New to Live Oak Canyon this year is an aviary. The birds were amazing; (and the bunnies were cute!)

We got to see big turtles, which was perfect for ending our "T is for turtle" week!

Daniel thought it would be fun to encourage the donkey to eat his shoe. You decide who the real donkey is! :) (He gave me permission to say that!)

On our way to climb the giant hay castle, a wind started blowing the leaves down from the poplar trees, and it was so pretty. The girls had a blast chasing the leaves and trying to catch them as they fell.

The girls each got to pick a pumpkin. We came home with a big funky greenish one that supposedly makes the best pumpkin pie. We'll let you know!

The cute sister shot... not so much!

See you next year, pumpkin patch!

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Karen Hyde said...

Fun! We're hoping to go there on Monday. For once I'm hoping it doesn't rain! :)

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