Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Mini-Vacation

We just got back from another mini-vacation to San Diego! We have Sea World annual passes, so we decided to do another time share presentation and get Legoland day passes, Knott's Berry Farm day passes, a Temecula wine tour, and a free overnight. Well, the salesman told us the girls had to be over 3, and when we said Natalie was a few months shy, but potty-trained, he said that was fine. Today they said it was not fine... but they would give us all that great stuff just for coming. So, we didn't have to go on their tour, listen to their spiel, then say no. What a deal! Trying not to act excited, we hopped in the car with big smiles, headed to the beach instead, and had a great time!

Here's a prego picture just for you, Ronnie!

Here we are on the deck of our hotel... we were right on a lake!

Allison decided to practice her photography. Daniel had no idea I was behind him :)

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