Monday, September 14, 2009

Library Day!

Now that Fall is (almost) here, we're back to doing some preschool days. Of course, we will be missing our T as he is now in Kindergarten. And, we won't be quite as consistent due to busy schedules. But, we will give it a go, none-the-less!

Today was library day. Mrs. H brought over canvas bags and blank iron-on sheets for us to make them!
The girls picked out their own pictures. Unfortunately, we printed them on the wrong side of the iron-on paper, so we had to skip that part.

So, we went straight to decorating them. These pictures show the kids starting off...D and Natalie wanted to paint theirs, while Allison opted to color hers with markers. The final products were pretty impressive!

I have to laugh when I think of how easily preschoolers are entertained. If we had been painting/ coloring on a piece of paper as we do every day, they would have been done in 2 seconds. Give them a canvas bag, and suddenly they take their time, use more colors, and get into it with lots of details! Sometimes it's just a matter of changing up one little thing.

Once the decorating was complete, we learned about authors and illustrators, and headed to the library for our own story time. The girls had 2 books in mind... something form the "Fancy Nancy" series, and something from the "Miss Bindergarten" series. (D, of course, just wanted a firefighter book!) I told Allison the last name of the Bindergarten author, and she immediately found a Bindergarten book. I was so impressed!! Yeh for library day!

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