Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Crafting with Kids

Most "real" crafts I do together with the girls. However, they are now at the age where they are able to get paper, sit at their own little craft desk, and do something on their own. I keep markers and scissors on hand, and get many "cards" each day! During the Holidays, I also add stamps that I get from the dollar section at Target. They are great because they don't require an ink pad, the girls love to use them to embellish their pictures, and they last forever! (And, did I mention they come in packs of 6 for a dollar?)

This year I also got a few things to put in a fall craft basket to pull out when we need a relaxing activity. I spent less than $10, and have the following included in my basket:
  • Fall rub-ons
  • Fall foamies
  • Halloween beads
  • pipe cleaners
  • Fall-colored pom poms
  • pumpkin and other fall wooden cut-outs (25 cents at Michael's)
  • old cards from fall and Halloween that I've saved (Free!)
I've also been searching the blogs, and have a list of a few ideas I want to try! I'll post them as soon as we get to them. Until then, happy crafting!

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