Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scripture Memory Box

Look what Allison painted! I thought she did a BEAUTIFUL job... I love her choice of colors! And, she did it completely on her own with no help from me! She picked out the heart from a clearance section at JoAnn's for a quarter. It says "Planted with love," (intended for a garden, I suppose!) But, very appropriate for this box, as well.

So, what is this box, you ask? It is for her memory verses. She has recently been coming home from Sunday School with memory verses, and we've actually studied them together. I was starting to forget some of the older ones, so I needed to do this as much for me as for her!

We also have an awesome kids cd that goes through scriptures from A to Z. Because of that cd, even Natalie had about 5 verses memorized! Gotta love music :) If you're interested, it's called
Bible verse
Chorus songs
by Thingamakid

Check it out!

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