Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day Humor!

Ever since receiving some Fancy Nancy books for her birthday, Allison has become a HUGE fan! Naturally, she is going to be Fancy Nancy for Halloween. (I found the costume on sale in July... can't beat that!) A big part of the Fancy Nancy books is using fancy words... which Allison has taken to heart. Here are some of her recent quotes. Hope this makes you smile, as it has us!

  • Noticing the cup left on the counter by a friend, "Did G's mommy forget to take inventory before she left?"
  • While eating our end of summer meal outside, "I love eating al fresco!"
  • Pointing to a cute outfit in a book, "Do you like her ensemble?"
  • Rather than being 'scared,' "You startled me, Mom!"

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