Tuesday, September 15, 2009

End of Summer Celebration

The weather: Overcast, chilly morning warming up to a beautiful 79 degrees
The calendar: Still summer for one more week
Conclusion: Have an end of summer celebration to enjoy the fall weather, (while it lasts), and to say goodbye to summer!

We began the morning outside... after a cup of coffee, we hit the garden and did some nice weeding and harvesting. Goodbye summer veggies! The girls helped Daniel cut up all the basil, and tomorrow we will be making pesto!

Daniel and Allison played some cards in the afternoon, while Natalie napped and I relaxed.
Next came the set-up... Allison helped Daniel put up the tent, while I prepared the meat for dinner!

Did I mention our tent is HUGE? The girls had a great time playing in the tent this afternoon.
Daniel decided to use the charcoal grill, and we ate our meal "al fresco." (Allison taught us that means outside... a word she learned from her favorite, "Fancy Nancy."

Next came the homemade ice cream. I can't believe this is the first time this summer that we did this! The girls decided on pink chocolate chip vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

Next came the s'mores. (Please excuse the naked girl!) Two desserts in one night; yes, they were very happy! Allison commented, "This is a bad night for a campout with diabetes." You're telling me, kiddo! Luckily I treated myself to some sugar-free, low fat ice cream! It did the trick... almost!

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The Texas Butlers said...

Yeah for goodbye summer celebrations!!! Hello fall, I missed you dearly!

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