Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Town Bakery Tour

Our sweet friend Katie set-up a bakery tour for us at Old Town Baking Co. this morning. As soon as I opened the car door, Natalie commented, "I smell something!" Indeed, there is no better smell than fresh-baked bread and goodies!

Luckily, Daniel is home today and made it just in time for the tour.

One of the best parts for the girls was just playing on the bar out front. For me, it was eating a pumpkin muffin and sipping coffee! Of course, it was also tough to say no to the chocolate croissant... Just 33 more days until I can enjoy one of those! Here are a few more pictures:

1 comment:

Karen Hyde said...

Fun! We know the family who owns that place... one of the brother's goes to our church. They do have good stuff!

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