Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Decor

As per your request, this post is for you!

I think the decor is pretty self-explanatory, but here are some"tips." I got the ribbon shown above at the dollar section at Target... can't beat that! And, it comes with 5 different ones, so you can use some for your daughter's hair. :) In the past I've also put the decorative balls in a bowl, which looks good as well. You probably have access to moe leaves than me. You can frame them, throw them on a table, or have your kids make some art for you!

I use lots of candles, even if they're worn-down and mis-matched! Grouped together, they still look good. (I think!) I also used my yellow daisies this year, which are normally only out in the spring. I needed something to vary the height on my table, so I discarded the fact that they looked springy, and used them anyway. Because of their orangy-yellow color, it worked!

On my fireplace mantle, I used the spiders my girls made the first day of fall. I think they're cute, and the girls feel so proud! I stuck with just black and orange to unify it, and give it more of a Halloween look. I know I'm early, but I just get too excited!

I hope you have so much fun decorating tomorrow! Thanks for thinking of me.... I always think of you at this time of year, too! Glad it's cooler in Texas!

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The Texas Butlers said...

I love it girl. I'll be decorating our stomping ground this weekend. I'll post some pictures for you next week.

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