Friday, September 4, 2009


We just got back from a couple wonderful, (and exhausting), days at Disneyland. We decided to go all out and splurge on this trip, which was kind of fun, and very unusual. First, we stayed at the Grand Californian, which has bunk beds for the kids! We spent the first day at the pool, where Allison swam with Daniel, and Natalie went down the waterslide about 50 times.

A big treat: The girls actually napped in their bunkbeds, so we stayed up to watch Fantasmic and the firework show! Super cool!

We did dinner at the Blue Bayou; (Pirates of the Caribean). Another treat!

Everything... including the carousel looks so cool at night!
Breakfast was one of the best times. We ate at the Grand Californian's Storyteller's Cafe. (We had lunch there the day before and saw Stevie Wonder!) It has a buffet character breakfast, and hardly anyone was there. So, we were able to have lots of time with each of the characters, and the girls LOVED it! They got to march around and play while eating... what kid wouldn't?

This trip also marked a milestone for Allison. She crossed over to some of the grown-up rides, including the rapids and Soarin' over California. I guess she grew-up a lot this summer! Overall, we had a blast. I'll leave you with a little video. (Mostly for grandma!)

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