Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bragging, day 2...

Here I go, again... bragging away... Remember the winter gardening we began a few weeks back? And, remember how my sweet husband invited the girls to help him? (If not, you can go here) Well, those seeds have literally sprouted away! So, my son-of-an-engineer husband did a little research online and found that our sugar snap peas needed something to climb on; and went right to work! Here's what he came up with:
(It is amazing to watch the little "feelers" grasp the strings!)

Allison is so excited, she can hardly stand it! "Mom, I can't wait for spring! Look at all these yummy vegetables growing. It's just so exciting! And, the lavender are starting to blossom... Oh, Mom... I just LOVE spring time." Me too, sweetie!

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