Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog's Day

Happy Groundhog's Day! We spent the morning celebrating all things groundhog with our Punxatawney Preschool!

Craft #1 included glue, scissors, AND paint! What more could a preschooler ask for?

After learning about this special day, we played a few shadow games. For the first game, we went into the bathroom, (the only room with no windows), and I held-up objects for the girls to guess what they were by looking at their shadow. Later, they just played this game by themselves!

For the second game, I hid a black sillhouette of a groundhog, (his shadow), and hid the shadow around the house. Once they found it, they got to be the hiders, and had to find it!

Our snack for the morning was mud and dirt... with a groundhog popping out, of course! I made the "mud" and groundhog sticks the night before, but let the girls hammer the "dirt."

Craft #2: a coloring page, and learning how to "read" Happy Groundhog's Day.

And, our final craft... groundhogs who "pop" out of their holes! We later used these as props during song time.

Allison during song time, take 1: Allison during song time, take 2:

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Karen Hyde said...

What fun! I love the mud snack. And cute songs too!

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