Thursday, February 18, 2010

Self Portraits...

Remember doing life-sizes drawings of yourself? I remember doing one in 1st grade, and thinking it was so cool! So, the girls and I gave it a shot today! Natalie kept wiggling and giggling for the outline because, "It tickles!"

Even though it was a little difficult for Natalie, she seemed to love it, anyway. Both girls spent a LOT of time working on it, which to me equals success!

Meanwhile, Sierra and I watched and cuddled in the sun!


too Blessed to Stress said...

very sweet :) love all your photos. They bring a smile to face!

~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Karen Hyde said...

I totally remember doing that in first grade and my mom still has it! :) And Brenson, who looked at this with me, just said he did it in school this week. Too funny!

our delightful life...the story of us said...

Loved doing that in grade school.

Great pic of you and Sierra. Did you get your hair cut? Looks shorter, looks cute.

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