Friday, February 26, 2010

The Great Park

We finally did it! We finally rode the helium ("hot air") balloon at the great park in Irvine! Ever since Allison saw a hot air balloon on some cartoon, she has been asking to go for a hot air balloon ride. What motivated us to go today was not only a free balloon ride, but free ice skating, as well!

It was a beautiful view from the top. I only got slightly nervous if I looked straight down.

Natalie taking a rest on a fun chair...

Once again spurred on from some cartoon I am sure, Allison has been wanting to try ice skating for quite a while! When Daniel told me the Great Park offered free ice skating (including rentals!) I couldn't believe it! Too perfect...

Natalie made one lap, and was DONE; (not upset at all, but just done!) Allison lasted the entire 45 minutes, and attempted to skate by herself without holding on to anything several times. I was quite proud of her endurance! If you'd have asked me ahead of time, I would have guessed their roles would be switched!

Grandma was here to come with us, and took Sierra for me so I could join the fun, as well!
As usual, Daniel skated like a pro! (But as usual, he spent most his time helping his girls!)

What a fun family day!!!

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our delightful life...the story of us said...

looks like so much fun. the girls did great! there's a mall nearby here with ice skating. i haven't been brave enough to try.

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