Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Man...

Am I allowed to brag on my blog? I guess there's nothing stopping me, so I will just go ahead... my sweet husband is incredible! I love how when we have a project he just does it! Remember this electronics drawer? Brilliant! And, he's done it again! This time he built a shelf to fit perfectly between our washer and our sink.

As with almost every project we have, he let the girls help. Remember here when he let the girls help him paint the shed? PRECIOUS!

It just so happens that a spare bottle of detergent fits perfectly right behind the first one! Below that is our dryer sheets, and below that is our trash can for lint!

Of course, the project isn't quite finished, yet. The bottom will actually be a drawer that pulls out, and we will put white contact paper over the whole thing, but it's almost there! Knowing my husband, he'll finish it up the next time he's home!

(I also found that cute doggie decal on clearance at Target, and couldn't pass it up!) It's the simple things that bring such joy! :)

I think you're AMAZING, honey! Hope I didn't embarrass you too much! But, I may have to spend the next few days bragging some more... (To be continued...)

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Mama Duck said...

Oh Sweet Cara - Brag Away!! Aren't we called to encourage one another and build each other up?? Who better to do that than Daniel's wife!! He is a blessing indeed :-) Thanks for sharing!

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