Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today was our Olympic preschool! I'll judge the success by Allison's comment: she said that she never wanted it to end, and that she now wanted her next birthday to be an Olympic theme! We started with a World Map and explained how all the countries come together in peace for this competition. We then played the official music, and had our own opening ceremony passing a cotton candy torch. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures at first!) Next we came in to color a picture of a person carrying a torch.

While the kids were still sitting, we made our Olympic flags. Guess what we used to make them -- potatoes! :)

Next came the American flag... We explained the meaning behind it, and then had them stand with their hands on their hearts while we listened to the Star Spangled Banner. (Makes me cry every time!)

A quick snack: Olympic torches made with sugar cones, apples, and oranges!

Let the games begin! First game: ice hockey.

Next up: figure skating! (I have my pictures switched around, but we actually had 3 judges and awarded scores for performances.)

Final game: bobsled racing! It was a tie... go figure! :)

On with the Olympic music again, as they marched with their flags into the closing ceremony. IT was WAY too cute!

Awarding medals:


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Karen Hyde said...

Too cute!! You ladies are SO creative!

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