Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spontaneous Fun!!

Now that Daniel is in paramedic school 70 miles away, I go into each week assuming I won't see him except on the weekends, and perhaps one or two nights if he happens to get off early. So, this has been our week:
  • Monday morning, D: "I doubt I'll be home tonight. We have 200 slides to be lectured on." (Walks in the door by 5pm!)
  • Tuesday morning, D: "I definitely won't come home tonight... Doubtful we'll get done early." (Walks in the door by 3:00pm!)
  • Wednesday morning, D: "I am absolutely not coming home today!" Calls me at 7:15am, "The teacher is sick... want to meet me at Disneyland?"
Let's just say, this is turning out to be an awesome week! And, today was an awesome day! No crowds. Perfect weather. Happy Girls. A day with the family at the happiest place on earth. Thank you, God, for this wonderful gift!

1 comment:

Karen Hyde said...

Nice! Glad it wasn't what you were expecting!

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