Saturday, November 13, 2010

Founder's Day Parade

Today was the annual Rancho Cucamonga Founder's Day Parade. Being that it is across the street from our house, I am embarrassed to tell you that it was our first time going; and the girls' first real parade! It was another rough night of sleeping, as Allison is still coughing and waking-up scared, and Sierra decided to have trouble sleeping, again. Plus, Daniel was not home, so I was very tempted to stay home. But, I am so glad we decided to brave it out and go. The girls really loved it! I was surprised at their attention span.

Personally, I enjoyed it, too, but that was because I got to hang out with good friends! We found a great spot in the shade with a perfect little view. (I won't tell you what I stepped in to get this picture of the girls, but let's just say that people need to bring bags and clean-up after their animals!)

And, just look at this adorable couple who sat in front of us the whole time...

Finally, I must give you an update on Charles! He is talking and joking and seems to be recovering just fine. They are about to move him out of the ICU. Thank you for your prayers!!!

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Karen Hyde said...

My boys were there too, with my mom. I'm glad you braved it and had a good time... wish I could have been there instead! ;) Next year. And thanks again for the posts and prayers.

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