Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

Awww... a cozy, rainy day! It started WAY too early, (5:00am, again!), but other than that it was a great day!

We often do window markers when it rains, but it hasn't rained in a while, so our window markers were all dried out. Then it occurred to me... what about dry erase markers? PERFECT! You can see Allison made a sign for our next event: "moovee!" (Got to love phonetic spellers!)

Who is who??
Of course, Seesers had to join in on the fun!

When the markers were done, it was movie time. I had not yet seen Toy Story 3, and so wanted to! Yes, I cried... ok, almost blubbered at the end!

You can't have a movie afternoon without popcorn and hot chocolate! We also pulled out the hide-a-bed and every animal in the house! :)

Sierra knew where she was going after the picture... off to her nap! And, she actually slept the whole time, so I was able to cuddle with my big girls for the entire movie.

It was especially sweet when this one conked out on me. Sweet dreams, my Naties!

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