Monday, November 29, 2010

Puff Snowmen

Back to school... back to crafting... but, Christmas crafting! I have been wanting to do this for so long, that I just couldn't wait any longer. This project was so easy, and pretty cute. Have you guessed what these snowmen are made out of, yet?

Puffs containers! Yes, I saved Sierra's Puffs containers with this exact idea in mind. One of them is even a store-brand Puffs container. After all, the plastic peels right off them with no glue. Not to mention, they are three-tiered. Who wouldn't see a snowman? :)

For the hats, we cut a tp roll in half, and cut out 2 cardboard circles. We painted them black, then glued them onto the lid. The scarf is just ribbon, and the buttons and candy canes are foamies. Add some googly eyes, and draw on a smile and you're done! (You can also add hair with the marker like my girls did, but I say ditch the hair!)

The fun part is, you could even fill them with goodies to give to the neighbors!

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