Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's go fly a kite...

Just another gorgeous day in Southern California! My sweet husband did school with the girls this morning, and they were looking a lot at butterflies, so this afternoon he decided to pull out the kite! (Can you find it in the picture below?)

Yes, that is my baby in the middle of the street. Despite our quiet cul-de-sac living, I still ran after her... just not until I got the picture, first!

..And here's my big girl dancing in the street!

I love how Sierra was able to enjoy the kite, too!

And, I especially love seeing my girls share on their own!

You probably noticed that Natalie got her hair cut, as well! Very sweet... I'll have to blog more about that when I get the chance!

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Karen Hyde said...

That butterfly kite is awesome! Thanks so much for dinner... it was awesome too! Charles thinks we need the recipe for the fried rice. :) We let our friend Richard, who was here when you were, enjoy some and he said he'd eat that every day if he could. My boys devoured the BBQ meat too, which is pretty impressive. So THANKS!

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