Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It was a glorious fall day! High of 70 degrees... rolling clouds... blue and gray skies... And, best of all, we started up with our cooking class again, today!

There's nowhere else in Southern California I'd rather be on a day like this than Claremont! This year, both Natalie and Allison are doing cooking. (I must say, I missed having my little artist/ photographer with me, but she loved her class!)

Like the outfits? I had to laugh; I told them to dress warm, and this is what they came up with! Can someone say "Punky Brewster?"

Sierra was a fun companion this year. We watched for a little while, then headed to the toy store. As always, her favorite was the stuffed animals. We also went to the bakery to get some fresh bread to go with the homemade lasagna that was in our crockpot at home, along with some pumpkin cookies for the girls' secret sisters at Keepers of the Home.

Meanwhile, the girls made some Halloween-themed treats including "eye of gnewts," and "candy corn parfait."

Sierra was lucky her big sister Allison decided to share her candy corn parfait!

We got home with just under 2 hours before Keepers of the Home. The girls didn't need lunch since they ate at cooking class, so we decorated bags for our coookies and drew pictures for our secret sisters.

Littlest one decided she would talk in her crib the entire time instead of napping, so she came out for the last 10 minutes to do some decorating of her own. FYI, Sierra LOVES glue!

The girls came home from Keepers and were SO excited to see Uncle Gary and Aunt Carol had come for a visit. They were down from Montana, and the girls didn't even remember the one time they had met them before, but it didn't matter... they were family, and the girls were thrilled!
They came bearing gifts, including Halloween crafts for the kids, and Huckleberry jam for mommy. Time to make some crepes tomorrow!

We had a lovely dinner, another pear pie and pumpkin lattes for dessert, and then fun time! The girls made bracelets and headbands from their new pipe cleaners. Even Sierra was so excited, she kept saying, "Cawol -- Uncle Gawy!" My heart was just bursting!

Lovin' this weather... lovin' my family...

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