Friday, October 21, 2011

Spontaneous School...

Friday morning was another glorious overcast fall morning. To be honest, I wasn't as prepared for school as I would have liked. So, we started with a tea party. I usually ask the girls what kind they want, but this time I had it ready for them when they came down for school... along with cookies at 8:30am. (Sometimes it's just fun to surprise them; and they were pleasantly surprised and ready for school!)

We always start with our Bible verse and devotions, and then move on to history. Allison is my history girl. She loves it, and never misses a beat. (That's
my girl!) On this particular day, we read about the pilgrims putting up the frames of their homes. Here's where the spontanaeity comes in... I grabbed some straws, gave them tape, and told them to build a frame like the pilgrims. They enjoyed it so much, we pulled out the popsicle sticks and did the whole house.

Allison was beyond excited. She must have asked me 20 times if this was the most fun I had ever had. ** big smiles**

Meanwhile, Natalie was in her element. She drew pictures of pilgrims and colored them in for Allison to cut out and use as puppets for the new house. She used one of her "Draw, Write Now" books, and did an amazing job!

Both girls spent the afternoon painting their house. Sometimes spontanaeity is the best!

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