Friday, October 21, 2011

Canvas Art and a Baby Shower!

So, how did this begin? A dear friend of mine left a comment on my blog about how much she liked the "Oh How He Loves Us" canvas painting. So, I told her to come over and make one! We hardly ever get to see each other, but every time we do I feel so refreshed and joyful. She is the type of person who always encourages you and makes you feel special... the kind that even after a full day together, you think, "That wasn't enough time!"

So, I bought 6 more canvases and we had a blast. I was amazed at how well the girls did! (We had an extra girl over, as well, while her mommy was out to lunch!) Each girl picked a picture from a coloring book as Melissa and I drew it in pencil, and then they painted them. Surprisingly, my girls had less patience this time. Perhaps the newness wore off... but they still had a blast!

The other 2 girls put a lot of time and effort into theirs.

And, here are the results:

Allison: "Orange Blossom"
Courtney: "Hello Kitty"
Ella: "Hello Kitty"
Natalie: "Unicorn inside heart"

I was enjoying my company far too much to work on my painting. I wanted to do something for my friend's baby shower on Saturday. I began my work around 9:15pm on Friday night, and finished by 1:00am! Dr. Pepper saved the day. I was able to listen to some homeschooling conference cd's I'd been wanting to hear, and just enjoyed he peace of the night; it was wonderful!

And, here is the beautiful mama to be:

It was a beautiful shower with some of my favorite people! Looking forward to more opportunities to be creative!

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