Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Salt Dough Fall

There are so many fun ideas I find online, and I love that I can just throw them on Pinterest now for safe-keeping. However, I try to only pin ideas that I truly think I will do! So far I've tried a few recipes, and a few crafts. Here's one we tried recently:

Salt Dough. So, so simple! I bet you can memorize this recipe. Ready?
1 cup salt
1 cup flour
1 cup luke warm water

Unfortunately for me, the dough came out a bit runny, so I just added a little more salt and flour. Once I thought the consistency was right, we had to let the dough sit for 1/2 hour. (Well, that's what the recipe said to do.... perhaps you could get away with it, but I made my girls wait!)

They had so much fun making Halloween "ornaments." Meanwhile, Sierra was given the pumpkin playdough to play with. Even that didn't last long, but she got 3 minutes of joy from it!

Next, came another hard part... waiting. The directions had you bake at 250 for 3 hours or so. So, I promised the girls we would paint them the next day.

True story:
We were doing school today when it came time to do reading. As usual, I sent Allison to her desk for spelling while I sat on the couch to read a little "Bob book" with Natalie. The couch seems to have powers of its own in the afternoon. Suddenly, I couldn't keep my eyes open. At least 3 different times, I dropped the book and realized I had fallen asleep; I had even begun to dream! I'm not sure Natalie noticed me falling asleep, but she did laugh and think it was quite funny when I would drop the book!

Anyway, we finally made it through the book. I told Natalie to go practice her handwriting, and I told Allison I would take a brief nap before reading with her. Seconds later, I was gone. I awoke to find this:

The girls had painted the ornaments themselves. They did a great job! I was very impressed. But, that is why I have no pictures of them doing it! Speaking of sleep...


Holly said...

I totally forgot about salt dough, my mom used to make it all the time for us. I'm headed to the kitchen to make up a batch now. Thanks for the idea!! We have been obsessed with sidewalk chalk art. I read somewhere to soak the chalk sticks in a mixture of sugar/water for several hours. Then when you draw (especially on dark colored paper) the chalk is very bright and vivid and is not as powdery when it dries. We've been drawing chalk spiderwebs on black paper and the girls decorated them with sparkly foam spider stickers.

Holly said...

P.S. LOVE your Fall decorations!!! So happy and fun!

Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Thanks for the fun idea, Holly!!! I always love hearing from you. hugs to you and your beautiful girls! :)

Holly said...

Well, our salt dough shapes are cooling now -- when the girls went to bed, they were still in the oven so they'll be a big surprise when they wake up. They were a huge hit! E&A kneaded & shaped and cut the dough for about 2 hours on our screened porch. I can't wait for the girls to paint them later this week. Thanks again for the idea! We are trying to take advantage of our pretty fall days by doing crafts on our porch every day. Our autumns are so lovely but wayyy too short! Love to you and your sweet girls!!

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