Thursday, October 27, 2011

Legoland... again!

Weather: 70 degrees and overcast
Admission for family of 5: $42 (2 free adults, 1 free toddler, and 2 homeschool special kids)

Sierra is now exactly 34 inches; the minimum height for most of the rides. Thank goodness!

Sierra was a little nervous at first getting on most of the rides, but loved them once they were going. After all, she had her Papa to keep her safe!

Allison was finally too old for the little driving school, and moved up to the 6 - 12-year-old course. What a crack-up! I had to joke with Daniel that she got the Asian female driving genes. :)

We did a few new things this time, including watching a show. The girls now want to name our baby after the show's funniest character!

Oh my... I see the fatigue in my eyes!

Allison also reached a height milestone this time; 48 inches! Just tall enough to ride by herself... (or with the her sister and no adult!)

Ok, so I've always hated the swinging ship ride. Here they have a swinging AND turning ship. Just watching it makes me nauseous. I was shocked to see the height limit allowed for Sierra to ride. I tried to save my poor baby, but her daddy insisted. Both she and Natalie had the look of death when the ride started, and decided they would never do that again. Allison, on the other hand... not usually our daredevil... but look at her! Who knew what turning 6 would do!

Poor Sierra SO wanted to ride a horsie... I remember when Natalie was her age and she just cried and cried because she couldn't ride a horse. At least Sierra spared us the tears, but she did give me an idea for her birthday gift coming up!

Truly, it was a wonderful day. We finished it off with some apple fries, then headed home where all 3 conked out in the car. It's weird to think this was our last getaway as a family of 5! But, I am soooo excited to meet Yehbie #4!

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krista said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :) Your family looks great!! I am still with RSCS and busy as ever but doing well. I can't believe how grown up Sierra looks already. Time flies. Enjoy every moment :) Hope you guys are doing great!

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