Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Life...

This post may more appropriately be called "Why I blog." As you may have noticed, I take pictures. Daily. A LOT of pictures. Believe it or not, I don't even post all my pictures. Nor do I take pictures of all my homeschool activities, as it would take up most of this blog. None-the-less, I take a lot of pictures... Here are some examples of things that didn't even make it into the blog this past week; (until now!):

Our girls, along with our neighbor, making a rabbit trail of lettuce for the rabbits.

Sierra picking flowers for the slide.

The big girls taking delight in setting the table, (including centerpieces and folded napkins!)

Chilling on the couch; a rare 3 smiles all looking at me!

An organic brown vs. standard white egg taste test via Daniel who insists the difference is great enough to justify the price difference.

Finding inspiration in our Halloween books to draw and then paint Halloween pictures outside.

Swimming with friends... (Yes, the pool is way too cold, and the kids are crazy!)

Having a rummage sale. (Not really!)

Coloring by lamp light.

You see, none of these is really an "extra special" occasion. I'm not sure anyone else would care to read about them or see them... other than Grandma, of course. But, for me they are priceless. These are the simple, every day things that warm my heart. By blogging, I am preserving these memories. I am taking lots of pictures and attempting to be creative with my photography. I am cherishing the simple, every day moments. I am filled with gratitude as I record how blessed we really are. I see past the messes and screams that rarely make it into the blog. I look back and see how the kids have grown and matured both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I am not pretending to have it all together. I don't purposely make it look like we are perfect... because, of course, we are not! But, I do choose to see the positive. I would almost say blogging for me is therapy. It forces me to reflect, encourages me to make the effort for things I may not have otherwise tried, allows me to be creative, and provides a record of recipes, games, and crafts for me to look back on and try again. I am so thankful for this outlet! Thanks for reading!

Oh... and, in case you were wondering, the girls thought the organic brown eggs tasted better. (I still couldn't tell the difference!)

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